Thursday, October 25, 2007

Keadaan aku sejak dua tiga hari ni agak kurang sikit. Kepala asyik pening pening.Fikiran aku pun rasa terbelenggu pulak..Yee..aku dalam keadaan STRESSSSSSSSSS!!!
So, this is the right time to make use of blogging. I am free to write anything in my blog. I just want to release the pressure that i have to take.Just to share it with my friends here..So that i know that i am not alone..i am not suffering the stress all by myself...Sigh..

How am i going to start the story...Oh..please..I don-t know...maybe i should write in b.malaysia..(bahasa kita jiwa kita huhuu :P)

Jenab(nama samaran) told me her relationship with her bf(boyfriend) is over. By right, it should be over pun coz that guy is a big liar. Aku tak minta dia cerita pun bout Jenab yang nak cita. Ok.I-m a good listener. So, i listen. At the end of the unofficial counseling session., i hug her and ask her to calm down. I try to console her the best that i can.

A few days ago, i went to visit her. She's still in the office. Her mom told me that Jenab is not happy,unwell, tak de selera nak makan and so on .....Later on , Jenab pun balik dari office. Then, aku plak nak balik dah umah. So, aku pun hug dia and ask her to be strong."OK jenab, take k.Jaga diri baik2.Be strong k...

And you know what Jenab said!!
"Ini mengumpat aku la ni masa aku tak de ni'!!

What!!Oh my God!Aku memang speechless masa tuh. Rasa macam tak appreciate langsung. Padahal mak dia bukan cita apa pun kat aku. And all the story between Jenab and her bf pun dia sendiri yang cita kat aku. Aku tak minta pun dia cita. But, when she told me , i listen..I know how she felt. At the end, apa yang aku dpt!Aku memang sedih .lATER, i will not bother bout u nmore. If u tell me, i will listen. But to console you, sorry ..suh org lain je yg console ..

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