Wednesday, October 17, 2007

25..ada ong ka nombor ni..uii tak baik tau:O is my birthday...I got lots of wish from my fantastic friends through sms, mail, friendster, blogger ,msjbox and calling calling :p..Thank you very much...All of you make me smile :D

  • friends remind me that i am getting older..This is the final age to be a teenager.. Fuhhh is it rite..sedissnyeeeee..
  • mom keep on complaining when to get married.(Mom, i know that i am getting older.But, i-m not prepared to get married.I am the eldest in the family..Please understand :( )
  • Three..i have to behave like a woman..not like a girl..But.. i-m not a girl anymore..not yet a women(betul kata britney spears!) Anyway, how to behave like a women?


  • One...I want to be a good daugter.:D
  • Two..I want to be an good teacher. To inspire my students to like science :)
  • Three..I want to register for mengundi(umur dah 25 pun tak daftar mengundi lagi..:p.I promise that i will do it!)

Ops...i have one more wish...

  • I wish that i can met my remo(panggilan manja ku utk pakwe....wahahah)The remo that will love me till i died..(uhuhu)..Remo that accept me who i am.Remo that love me either i am fat or slim. Remo that love me either my face got pimples or not.Remo that love me either i put make up or not..Oh my remo..please come to me..please take my year k . I nak enjoy dulu :p
Ops.Perasan tak...i write in english laaa..Ha ha ha .This is what happen on my birthday..i Write in english loooo :p

He is not my remo..He is dr sheikh Muszaphar Shukor..He is already back to the earth..Welcome home Dr :) (Read more ,click here)

Lagu hari jadi ku...

Aku ingin hidup secerah mentari
Yang menyinar di kamar hatiku
Aku ingin sering kicauan burung
Yang terdengar di jendela kehidupan

Aku ingin segala-galanya damai
Penuh mesra membuah ceria
Aku ingin menghapus duka dan lara
Mengubat rindu di dalam dada
FIRDAUS-Jendela Hati

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