Sunday, September 14, 2008


I have it two years ago..I kept it very well.I love it although sometimes i dont bother bout it..But, truely..deep inside my heart..i love it:)"Ilove my blog.."

I received this few days ago..Someone love my blog and it is so meaningfull to me..Thank you izza(same name.She is my frenz masa kat utm.Tapi kitaorg lain course :) i really appreciate it..You inspired me to write AND SHARE with others bout my story..through my blog..

I still remember my first blogger's friend:Dak Jahat..But, now his blog dah tak tulis apa apa pun.I also wondering where he is now?I also met kak noamee..HEr life experience Is very touching..I alwayz pray for her happiness.Read kak noamee's will feel how strong she is..One more thing,

this one was done by kak noamee...thank you kak..Never forget this one.:)

I also get to know skru, mr shai, noushy shah,kak retna,shaira,shunjike,acai,pakcik mz,honey,Carneyz,kak long,Junaidix(bos msjbox) and ramai lagi.tu semua early zaman blogging ku.....Recently, i have lots of bloggers frenz and i love all of them..I like to read their story...

P/S: InsyaALLAH, i will update and jalan2 ke blog kawan2 semya.Saya terlalu busy at skol.Paham aje la new teacher, i have to manage and try to adapt the job as a teacher..In fact, sy pun kena study like a student to teach them.Plus, all the kerja-kerja sampingan...buat saya tak de masa nak tulis apa2 dalam blog..So, bersarangla blog ni..sekejap ada sekejap takde..div>

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