Saturday, August 02, 2008

JOM sPA..jom shop!

"it is ok to spend money to pamper your self...once a month...or maybe twice a month..or maybe more than that ..hahah kalauku banyak duit laaa hahaha:P

You know what, working as a teacher is full of stressed..not all the time..but sometimes..Currently, i am so stressed...
"asal izza,,nampak stressed je.jom ikut akak gi spa nak?"

WHAT....SPA?....Seperti pucuk dicita ulam mendatang.....lets goneeeeeeeeeeeeee....

Last thursday, i went to tamara spa..baru je buka kat miri..I spent 2 hours there...i did my facial treatment..aaahh memang bestt relaxing... bestt bestttt...rasanya ni la aktiivitiku every month.. or maybe twice a month...or more than that..huhuhuh

"In many women's lives, shopping is a hobby and a must for some. When we're up, we shop. When we're down, we shop even more.hahahha

hahahah man started headache when women start shopping..My REMO getting crazy when i asked him to shop with me..

"First kita gi Jalan Tar,Then kita gi mid valley..ermm kalau sempat kita gi sunway pyramid..and kalau sempat lagi kita gi metro kajang..kalau sempat lagi kita..blaa.blaaaaaaaaaaa

But..dont worry syg..currently i am addicted to shop through online..hahaah i have spend lots of money to invest in all the online shops...seriously, my stressed decreased me..hahahaha... jom shop till you drop...:p

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  1. kaki shoping rupenye budak nih...nti blanje kn pakcik didie skali ek ;)



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