Friday, May 04, 2007

*kacip fatimah better than rocket!*

I am a physics student..You will be suprised if you see my SPM results for Physics..I got P7..which mean ..i failed!!! I don-t understand what my physics teacher was trying to explain. But i don-t blame my physics teacher..(i did blame her when i saw my spm slip ahaaa )..

I did well in kursus persediaan utm at kolej mara kulim. I always get A for my physics. I wonder why i become so GENIUS hahaaha..How i can understand physics.?How i can fall in love with physics not chemistry.(i-m doing well in chemstry during my spm.I got c4 for my chemistry)

5 years struggling with physics.. i am good in theory..but not in practical. not doing well in the lab assignment. I need time to enhanced my skills in doing the lab experiments...

I think that i am good in bio lah..wahhhh tiba tiba aje come out with the conclusion. .. I think learning biology is fun..

p/s: maybe..learning about tongkat ali , kacip kak timah and human bodies ( uhhuuu) are more fun/best/enjoy than learn about rocket, aeroplanes and cars :p

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