Sunday, April 08, 2007

*lately and recently*

Lately, i am totally so busy busy.mY FINAL exam start tomorrow till this saturday.Non-stoop..Then, i have to finish another four assignments.On 17.4.2007 i will be going to Pangkor..Yahoooo ada camping kat sana.21.4.2007 baru balik bangi.And, suprisingly, on 23.4.2007 my new semester begin.Kelaka kan..tak de cuti langsung....

Lately, i-m cant spend much time kat my blog. I have another big task to complete ..that it is more important than my blog. Whatever it is, i will not stop blogging...the only way that i can express my feeling for free..aiyaa yaaaa...

Recently, i was selected as an editor for buku modul perkehmahan kem bina insan guru.This task make my life getting more..more..moreee busy..Tapi takpe..aku enjoy....mcam dalam drama puteri tuu


ni adalah salah satu hasil kerja aku :)

Kak yatt selaku bendahari dan rizal selaku ketua pengangkutan

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