Sunday, September 17, 2006

*virus dari IEN*..

1. Does anyone know your password to your email?---->takde.ade ke patut kasi tau org
2. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonalds?--->sundae-baper bulan yang lepas
3. Are you an emotional person?--->sometimes je
4. Do you like your name?--->yes.nurul izza@cahaya kegemilangan..gemilang..realiti(sing jac song)
5. Do you believe in love at first sight?--->naaaaaa
6. Ever felt jealous of your friend?--->ade le skit2 esp yg dah dpt keje
7. What was the last thing you did?--->apply kat uem academy
8. Who is right next to you?--->nobody..antu waaaa takut!
9. Who was the last person you ate with?--->my family.mkn biskut abah dpt hamper!:)
10. What song are you listening to right now?--->nothing
11. How's the weather right now?--->ok je.cepat ah hujanbest skit tido:)
12. Last person who called you today?--->my mom
14. Last song you sang?marc anthony song
15. Last time you danced?aku menari buruk ah..
16. Lost a friendship over something stupid?--->no comment
17. Last thing you ate?--->biskut
18. Been really depressed before?--->yes
19. Faked being sick to miss school?--->oh beb i miss smk bbbangi and WiLDCARD geng!
20. What time did you wake up today?--->8am..ape la anak dara nie..:p
21. Who is the person that posted this survey?---> bloggers frendz
22. What are you wearing right now?--->jeans and shirt
23. Are you too shy to ask anyone out?--->if gals,i dont mind..
24. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?--->JANGGUT..:)AKU SUKA YANG BERJANGGUT TAPI TAK SUKA YANG BERMISAI CAMDATUK K!!:P
25.Where are you right now?--->my house still x i=m at cc
26. What date and day is it?--->sunday
27. Did you go anywhere today?--->yeah billion
28. What did you do there?--->surf internet
29. How old are you?--->23++getting 24 next month
30. Are you mature or immature?in the middle.can haa?
31. Do you call your parents by their first name?what!!noolah i call abah and mama
32. Are you the only child?---> i am the only daughters..
33. Where do you go shopping?--->as long tmpt tu ada kedai buku..esp mph
34. Do you like where you work?--->yeahh bebeh..
35. Do you like books?--->i am a good reader.books is everything.baru je beli 3 buku smlm
36. Do you want to get married?--->mesti lahh
37. To whom?--->bukan datuk k atau datuk J...:p

And Now The Basic!

1)What is your name?--->nurul izza
2)And your age is?--->dah bagi tau dah tadi
3)You are male, or female?--->female.kalu aku kata aku male korang caya c?:))
4)You want to tell me what you like?--->i like choc..

Oleh kerana terlalu panjang..maka aku cut soal jawab ni..dan aku akhiri dengan ::
Thanks for taking. Wanna say anything else?---->dah jawab ni ien..ada hadiah tak ien...

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