Saturday, February 20, 2010

Needle field..eiii comeeee

Aitt aitt dah jadi hobi pulak dah aku ni...Join giveaway..Seronok pulak rasanya..hehe
If you all interested nak join, meh la kat sini yee..Click sini.. There are lots of giveaway..Click je mana satu yang korang suka nak join...

I am not good in sewing...So, needle field surprising me with the stuffs, bags, pillows and plush toys. I adore sock doll craze..SO CUTE.How i wish i am good in sewing. But i think its too late too learn..( I REMember time kerja kursus kemahiran hidup, i asked the chinese tailor tolong buatkan untuk i..wahahaaha)

Alright back to the give away, can u see the photo below...If you really want, you can join the give away.Please click here.
How to join? iT IS so simple..really it is...You just leave a comment..Simple kan..

Don't forget to include your Email & your blog add
The Closing Date is on 28th February 2010 (12pm)


The lucky winner will receive any one of the doll featured above ( I LIKE the pink one...cute maa)

Ok friends, jom join this give away....


  1. wah... kreatiff... sy suke2...

  2. comelnya..nak juga satu..nak kasi kat anak....

  3. huhu.. jemput g contest saya.. hehe.. lari tajuk. maap..nak cari peserta..

  4. meO::suke yee.join leee

    eyriqazz::ok meh meh join..kasi lagi meriah

    billet doux:: insyaALLAH nanti sy join erk.



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