Friday, February 19, 2010

Diaper Cupcake yang lain dari yang lain..:)

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I've been invited to join this Diaper Cupcakes Giveaway! For the first time, i don;t have any ideas about diaper cupcakes ni..The first thing that come out in my mind is "ooo its must be a cupcake ni..sedap jugak.dah lama tak makan cupcake".Suddenly, i think about the word diaper...Then, when i click to the website, barula i tahu.Wwhat is diaper cupcake...WOW...IT;S SO CUTE (saya nak sangat.....huhu)

So, what is DIAPER Cupcak?.it is a gift to a new born child/kids.If get this gift, i will be so happy....Usually, kalau korang tgk kat kedai baby diorg jual macam hamper kan as a gift. But this one, is totally different and memang sangat creative and unique and cute sangat...

If you are interested to know about this product, click here. You must be very suprise to see the product.I love fun with froggy and baseball theme.
So, now lets talk about this giveaway.The owner of Twinky Winky Stars is feeling very generous and would like to give away TWO DIAPER CUPCAKES.The are two categories. I join this category Diaper Cupcakes for Newborns - 12 months.

The terms and conditions to enter are as below:
1) A Malaysian residing in Malaysia ---->yes, i am
2) Relatives of 'Twinky Winky Stars' owner are NOT allow to enter this contest
3) Have your own blog or Facebook --->yes i have
4) Follower of Twinky Winky Stars --->yes, i dah follow ..:)

Then do not forget to:

1) Copy and paste our banner --->done

2) Complete this slogan "I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because...". SHORT ENTRY PLEASE! . "yang ni sebenarnya membuatkan otak saya dikerah kerah FOR ALMost 1 hour..Sy tak pandai nak create slogan but i try my best to give the best slogan.."

"I would love to win the delectable diaper cupcakes from TWINKY WINKY STARS (TWS) because...this will be the most Totally Wonderful and Sweetest (as a cupcake) gift to my first experience and precious moments as a mother to my newborn babies:)

3) State which category you wanna join : only one category per person. --->Diaper Cupcake for newborn

4) Then, leave a comment in this blog entry to say that you've done your entry so that I could visit your blog later during the judgment process. ---->ok..:)

5) Last but not least, link this contest into your blog or FB status so other people would know about the contest and they could join in too!
"so to all mummy (daddy pun boleh kan)..lets join the contest..Eh bukan mummy and daddy aje tau..If you h ave friends yang expecting a baby soon ( saya lagi 11 hari nak deliver ni heheh) or your friends yang ada kids, you can jon this give away..."
Last but not least, This contest will end at midnight, 28 February 2010.Cepat..cepat..
Dont miss it!!!Let us join ramai-ramai k

nunu::Nak nak nak hehehhe


  1. bile baby nk dpt adik? :p

  2. yg ni pun tak kuar lagi cam ne nak dapat adik hahahah

  3. checked dear. u've fulfilled all the requirements. good luck to u.

    btw, can u email me ur email add and contact no. just in case u do win, since u dah nak deliver kan. takut nanti tak sempat...just in case lah. ;-)

  4. drama mama: ok i had email you already..thank u for approving



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