Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i went back to school last monday after 3 days off.Dr advice me to take full of rest because it is still bleeding.I am scared and stressed.I know that i must calm down coz that it will affect my babies.

this monday, i still bleeding. I asked my friends' advice, kak Zima.She told me to go to Miri Clinic to see Dr Lee,a gynecologist.I should consider her advice.Being alone here without my husband and my family, a friend advice is very useful.I called my mom, and she told me to go there.

i THANK Allah for giving me good friends here.Eny and Yani accompany me to go there.Dr Lee is a nice person.He scanned my babies. In fact, he scan and told me that my babies has a heartbeat.So canggih the alat maaaaaaa.

fINALLY, I got an injection and he gave me a hormon pill.And of course another 2 days to relax.Relax and i really need to avoid myself thinking all the bad things.

My mom told me to read lots of books. "dONT watch to much tv kak, its not good".Mungkin sebab apa yang ibu buat akan pengaruhi sikap anak nanti.So, i lend books from the library.In fact, im looking forward to get another books at MPH.Tapi sedihnya kat Miri tak de MPH, which it is the bookstore yang saya paling suke.Maybe i should buy online or perhaps i should wait until 21 august.(21 AUGUSt dah start cuti sekolah, so saya leh pergi ke mph,mid valley with my husband)

Books on my list:
1.Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception
Author:Ogle, Amy; Mazzullo, Lisa

2.What to expect when you are expecting
Author:Heidi Murkoff

3.Detik kelahiran si permata hati
Author:Mazneera Zainal

4.Menjadi ibubapa genius petua luqman al hakim
Author:Sharif Hade Masyah

5.Menyusu si permata hati
Author:Intan nazrahayu nasir


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    byk2 bersabar dan byk2 bertawakal pd DIA..
    DIA yg berikan zuriat..pd DIA, bonda kena berserah segalanya..
    anyway, eeza da 2x gugur...mudah mudahan bonda xseperti eeza sebab sblm eeza gugur, eeza bleeding gk...
    y 1st (3bln) bleeding tu fresh blood, dlm 3ari tp sket2 je...pstu check doc, doc ckp kandungan xsempurna...
    2nd (2bln) 2weeks eeza bleeding tp darah kotor sket...byk sket dr dulu...pastu esoknye nk masuk 2bln, mlm tu terasa something keluar kt v******, g toilet, keluar seketul...eeza trus admitted wad...D&C gk mlm tu...kira 2x eeza D&C da...
    better bonda g check btl2 pakar, psl kalo dpt diselamatkan, bonda akan kena injection utk kuatkan kandungan..psl eeza kena ms y 2nd..tp da xrezeki gk, baby pergi..
    eeza advice bonda jgn amik remeh....biarla kita check byk tmpt pun, asalkan kalo dpt diselamatkan....kita usaha, segala2 ditentukan DIA....

    ==>> Mrs. Eeza Herman

  2. that's ok dik...kalu dr kata kandungan u ok then Insya-Allah ok la kot...u dah jumpa pakarkan... sometime ada jgk sesetengah org sepjg 9 month pregnant dia bleeding... my friend ada yg mcm tu...ada yg tak ada punca..ada yg disebabkan plasenta(uri) bawah... apa2 pun akak doakan semoga u and baby selamat n sihat k...

  3. take care, blogger fren



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