Friday, April 24, 2009

Willing to share?

When you talk about wedding..( hehe bukan wedding tapi marriage :).you need to consider this word "SHARING"

If you willing to be someone husband or wife you need to share..everything..

I know that sometimes it is quit difficult for me.In my family, i am the only daughter..I cannot share room with my 3 brothers.So, i have my own room.

I dont share blouse with my brothers!!

It takes lots of time to get use with this situation.

For my husband, thanks for everything and sharing all the things with me..:)

Are You Willing To Share......?


  1. sayang,

    its MARRIAGE la. not wedding. wedding itu cuma majlis. its the Marriage thats important. (hahahah..macam la aku yg dah kawin. ;p)



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