Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I am a physics teacher. Honestly, you will be suprised when u know my physics results in SPM.Igot P7 for my physics.So, why should i teach physics if i failed it!
"What teachers know and can do makes the most difference in what children learn."~ Linda Darling-Hammond

Memang betul!Absolutely right!
I remember my physics teacher at school. I don-t really understand during her class.Physics is interesting but she make it not interesting at all.
Tak paham pun, i still have to learn.I try to but couldn-t make it.Whe i asked her a question, she ignored me.Maybe she think i stupid!!(Yelah, budak selekeh)
One day, she asked us to answer the question on topic Prinsip Pascal.Suprsingly, all of my classmates could not answer it corretcly except me..So, i was so happy at that time. Rasa teruja gile dapat kalah kan budak2 pandai dalam kelas..Tapi, my teacher buat don nooo ajee..Ceh..sometimes, it=s better to praise u-re students..u can motivated u-re students .(Memangpilih kasih,kalu studentpandia dia puji)
to be continued

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